Available Materials: EchoWood Veneers

Veneer Material Options

Aries 3/4” (93) Qtr. Macassar Ebony

Veneer is cut from a log into sheets in varying thickness down to as thin as 1/40” thick. This allows you to get the look you want accompanied with an environmentally friendly, recycled wood fiber composite core to offer a truly resource conscious option.

Reconstituted Veneer starts with timber from environmentally managed forests. High-quality common woods are reconstructed to offer a top quality product with a diverse variety of color, grain, and texture options. Now you can get the look you want without impacting the world’s exotic forests. Using our Clear finish on reconstituted veneers is the best way to highlight their beauty. Using stains is not recommended.

The most popular option is our Aries door featuring a veneer banded edge. 

EchoWood Reconstituted Veneers
We proudly offer EchoWood reconstituted veneers as a material option for our veneer door styles.

  • Qtr. cherry
    Qtr. cherry
  • Qtr. Macassar Ebony (FSC)
    Qtr. Macassar Ebony
  • Qtr. Walnut (FSC)
    Qtr. Walnut
  • Qtr. Zebrawood (FSC)
    Qtr. Zebrawood
  • Mahogany (FSC)
  • Wenge (FSC)
  • Qtr. Teak (FSC)
    Qtr. Teak
  • Qtr. Maple
    Qtr. Maple
  • Rift White Oak (FSC)
    Rift White Oak
  • Qtr. Gun Metal Ebony (FSC)
    Qtr. Gun Metal Ebony
  • V.G. Fir (Vertical Grain)
    V.G. Fir (Vertical Grain)


Core Options

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) cores are made of approximately 90% wood fibers and 10% resin to hold it all together. This composite product maximizes the use of our forest resources by using the residual wood element of forests not used in producing lumber. MDF resists warping and provides a consistent surface, making it an ideal core for high-end veneer projects.


  • MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) Core - standard
  • NAUF (No Added Urea Formaldehyde) MDF Core