Ordering and applying loose foil

Foil (short for Rigid Thermo Foil) is a term for the material used on our Deco-Form® products. Some customers use extra foil to apply to cabinet sides, edges, and parts to provide an exact match to their Decore-ative Specialties' cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and accessories. “Loose foil” can be ordered for this purpose in any color we offer for Deco-Form® doors and drawer fronts.

Ordering Loose Foil

To order loose foil use the following calculations:

Sq.Ft . x 144 divided by Foil Usable Width, divided by 12” = Lineal Feet.

Example for 75 sq.ft. of foil with a Usable Width of 57”.

75 x 144 / 57 /12 = 15.79 (rounded up to 16 lineal feet).

Applying Loose Foil

To apply loose foil, use a Water-Based contact cement. Solvent-Based products will work but may harm the protective finish of the foil.


  • Order by lineal feet. Round up to the next lineal foot.
  • Orders of more than 30 feet must be accompanied by a door order.
  • A minimum order of 5 lineal feet is required.
  • Usable foil width may vary up to 2” from provided foil width measurement.
  • Prices are per sq. ft. Use code 701 when ordering loose foil.
  • Handling fees for orders of 1 – 50 feet of foil apply.