How to import a cabinet vision job

What is the Decore-ative Specialties catalog and export button?

Decore-ative Specialties has partnered with Vero Software to add the Decore-ative Specialties wood door catalog to the Cabinet Vision 4.0 program. The wood door catalog contains all wood doors found in our price book. It contains door profiles, materials, and min/max sizes. We have also added a button to export a job to our website to make your ordering experience easier, faster, and more accurate. The combination of the catalog and job export will decrease the amount of time it takes to place an order while increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Section 1: Using the Catalog

The Decore-ative Specialties catalog is installed in addition to your current door catalog. It will not replace catalog(s) you already have.The Decore-ative Specialties catalog can be found when selecting door styles for a job.

Step 1:

Go to the Materials tab. Click on the “Door Style” or “Drawer Front” button to select a style from the catalog.


Step 2:

Use the drop-down menu to select the door catalog.


Step 3:

Select a style from the door catalog. If available you can select a profile for the outside edge, inside edge, and panel.

If you need more information about a particular style consult the price list. The price list can be downloaded from the website (when logged into your Anytime® Account) or by calling 800-729-7255.


Section 2: Importing Orders

After you have completed creating your job click the Reports tab. We recommend printing the Door List report from the Report Center to use when placing your order. Using this report as a reference can help to insure an accurate order.

Step 1:

On the main report screen is the Decore-ative Specialties button. Click this button to launch our website. Only click this button if you are ready to place an order. If you still have changes to make to your job you will need to make the changes and click this button again.

Step 2:

After you click this button a browser will open and ask you to log in. Type your username and password. This will take you to the next section.


Section 3: Uploading your job from Cabinet Vision

  1. Type the job name you want to import (we will compare this name to the actual name on the job you upload. If they match you proceed to the next step. If they don’t you will need to import your job again).
  2. The Path field tells you where to find the file to upload. This is for your reference only.
  3. The path above needs to be added here. There are a couple of ways to do this:
    1. Copy and paste the path from above to this field and click the Continue button.
    2. Or you can click the Browse button and follow the path above to the report.mdb and click the Continue button.
    3. Or you can type the path above into this field and click the Continue button.



If you receive this screen below, the job name you typed did not match the job name you are trying to import. Go back and try again. Make sure you type it exactly as it is typed in Cabinet Vision. It is case-sensitive so upper and lower case matter.


If you see this screen below then your job is being uploaded. Please be patient as this can take up to a few minutes depending on your internet connection.


Internet Explorer 10 Users: Ensure you are viewing the page with Compatibility View enabled to successfully import your order.

Section 4: Summary page

After you have successfully uploaded your job you will be taken to the job summary page. Here you will see your orders broken out by Room, Door Style, Part group, material, and profile (if applicable). From this screen you will be able to delete, view/verify, and place orders.

  1. The “Back” and “Next” button: navigates between multiple pages
  2. The “Delete” check box allows the user to delete multiple orders. Put a check next to the orders that you want to delete. Click the “Delete Orders” button to delete these orders.
  3. The “Edit” link takes you to the first section of the order verification process.
  4. The “View” link only appears after you have verified the order. This will take you back to the order verification screen (step 3).
  5. The “Order” check box allows the user to select the orders that are ready to be ordered. Place a check next to each order then click the “Place Orders” button.


Section 5: Order Header Selection

Click the “Edit” link on the Summary page to advance the first part of the order verification process. All values selected will apply to the entire order.

Header detail selection consists of the following:

  1. Door Style
  2. Center Rail
  3. Part Group
  4. Material
  5. Measurement Type – Door size is the only option
  6. Outside Back Edge Detail – This must be selected by the user
  7. Profiles Shapes - Panel, Inside Edge, and Outside Edge (if applicable)

If the Decore-ative Specialties catalog to create the job the header information (except for the Outside Back Edge Detail) will automatically populate.

If the job was constructed with any other catalog then these fields will need to be entered manually.


Section 6: Size Verification

After verifying the order header information and clicking the “Continue” button the next step will join the header information with the sizes. This second step will allow the user to add or delete lines from the order. Drawer boxes can also be added in this step.

  1. Customer Information – Enter shipping information here
  2. Header Information – From first step
  3. Special Instructions


  1. Door line details – Use this section to add or edit line details
  2. Edit button – Select a line and click the “Edit” button to edit line details
  3. Delete button – Select a line and click the “Delete” button to delete a line
  4. Add to Order button – Adds changes or new line to order
  5. SI – a “Y” in this column indicates there are special instructions in the box below (see #10)
  6. O/U req – a “Yes” in this column indicates that the size is not guaranteed
  7. Displays special instructions for the lines above

  1. Drawer box details – Use this section to add or edit line details relating to drawer boxes
  2. Go to Step 3 – Continues to the next step
  3. Change – Goes back to Step 1 (all changes made in Step 2 will be deleted

Section 7: Order Verification

Once all changes are made and sizes are verified the user is taken to the next section to verify the order. The header information along with the lines of the order will be listed on a one page view for the user to look over. If everything looks good click the “Go to Next Order” button to continue. This will take you back to the Summary Page.


Section 8: Order Summary Page

Once all orders have been verified a check mark will appear on the right side of the page under the Order column. Any orders that are not to be placed should be deleted from this view. Clicking the “Place Order” button will send all orders with a checkmark in the order column. The user will be directed to a screen where a confirmation number is given for each order placed.


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