CARB phase 2 compliance

What are we doing?

We are buying and manufacturing CARB Phase 2 compliant raw materials and labeling all compliant packages from our California facilities. The label on the package as well as the invoice will indicate if the material is compliant with CARB Phase 2, or if it was made with ULEF or NAF/NAUF material (both of which have far less formaldehyde than what is allowable in either phase 1 or 2).

Decore-ative Specialties mailed letters and a flyer from CARB to California customers December 31, 2008.

What should our customers do?

Customers need to retain the invoices and/or packing slips we provide for two years to prove that they are using compliant materials.

NOTE: Since Bamboo is a grass and not a composite wood product it is not subject to the CARB regulations. However, the amount of formaldehyde in Bamboo is well below the limits for ATCM. Customers can order NAF bamboo products from us as a special material. The pricing is a little higher than our current bamboo pricing. NAF options are available in all the material color and grain options we currently offer. Please process NAF Bamboo orders as you would any special material and make sure the order clearly states that NAF bamboo is required.