Registered Textured Melamine (RTM) Material Info

Stock Registered Textured Melamine (RTM) materials are Krono Swiss products. The cross reference below shows the Decore Name and the Krono Swiss name. Additional Krono Swiss materials are available. Please contact Customer Service to verify non-stock materials.

Decore-ative Specialties Name

Krono Swiss Name

Piedmont Oak

Ash Classic Champagne – D2042 CE

Ebony Makassar

Makassar – D 2441 SD

Twain Oak

Taormina Ash Vogue – D 2578 SD

Red River Elm

Swiss Elm Coffee – D4100 CS

Manchester Elm

Swiss Elm Khaki – D4101 CS

Marion Elm

Swiss Elm Onyx – D4103CS

Rothrock Elm

Swiss Elm Browny – D4101 CS

Adirondack Ash

Chianti Oak Olive – D4106 CC

Sumter Oak

Ash Classic Tabac – D4107CE

Hoosier Oak

Ash Classic Mokka – D4108CE

Green Ridge Ash

Chianti Oak Wild – D4110CC

White Mountain Hickory

Hickory Montana – D4204CH

Blackwater Hickory

Hickory Oregon – D4205CH

Boone Trail Hickory

Hickory Nevada – D4207CH

Victory Spruce

Tofino – D4480 SD

Superior Spruce

White Spruce – D 5288 SD

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We also offer Thermal Structured Surface (TSS), Stevens, SALT, CLEAF, and other melamine materials in both 1-piece and 5-piece doors and drawer fronts. 

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1-Piece slab doors and drawer fronts: SL250 (250)
5-Piece doors and drawer fronts: Tesoro (357)

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