Drawer Box Option: Angled Sides

Drawer Boxes with Angled Sides can be used as decorative pull-out boxes in many styles of cabinetry.

  • Height is always 3-1/4” on front.
  • Custom angles and radii are available upon request. A detailed drawing must be provided for custom items. Contact Customer Service for more information.
  • Drawer Boxes with Angled Sides may also be ordered with Scoops.

Angled A:

Angled A

Half Angled B:

Drop will start at approximately center of drawer box.

Half Angled B

Scalloped Angled C:

Radii will start and drop at approximately 1/3 from back of drawer box.

Scalloped Angled C

Specialty: Angled with Dividers

For Angled boxes with Dividers provide choice of angled box and number of dividers. Shown on Half Angled Box.