Miter joint manufacturing

Mitered joint cabinet doors are made from five pieces: A panel, left and right stiles, and top and bottom rails.

Mitered Joint Cabinet Door Manufacturing

The manufacturing process begins when raw lumber is graded for color and grain consistency. This ensures that all your doors match the grade you have selected and that your doors will have a consistent look when installed in your project.

Making the Panel

Boards which are best suited for panels are separated and cross cut to the custom height of your cabinet door making a set of color matched panel staves.

Solid wood panels are made by selecting panel staves which are the most similar in color. The staves are then color coded for the best color and grain match possible. Glue is applied to the edges of the staves and the staves are combined into a panel. After the glue has been cured, the panel is cut to size and the profile you selected for your panel is applied to the edges of the panel.

Making the Frame

Boards best suited for frames are rip cut to the custom width of the stile and rail width of your cabinet doors. The frame stock is then molded to match the profile of the style you have selected.

Making the Panel

Molded frame stock is then cut to the lengths required by your custom sized cabinet doors. Knots, sapwood, and other undesirable features are removed to the specification of the material grade you have selected.

Molded Frame Stock

A blind mortise and tenon are then applied to the ends of each part

Molded Frame Stock

Assembling the Door

Glue is applied inside the mortise and onto the tenon of each part. The panel is inserted into the groove on the inside edge of the frame parts and a clamp is applied to finish assembly of the door. The glue is allowed to cure until the door can be safely handled.

Sanding and Final Inspection

Outside edge details are applied if they are required for your selected door style and boring for hinges is done if requested. Doors are sanded by hand and by machine then inspected for defects before being placed into packaging.

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