Deco Lam® installation learn

Decolam Installation

1.) Work Area

To avoid any unnecessary scratches on the Deco Lam® surface, make sure all work surfaces are smooth, dry, and free from dirt, dust, oil, loose paint, wax, grease, and any other contaminates.

2.) Getting Started

Upon arrival to the job site, remove Deco Lam® from its container face up with enough time for it to relax and acclimate to the temperature of the room it will be installed.

NOTE: If the preparation area is cooler than room temperature, use a space heater to expedite the relaxing process of the Deco Lam® material.

3.) Application

To prevent Deco Lam® from curling away from the cabinet surface before routing, leave no more than one half of an inch over the edge of the cabinet. Block down the material using either a vinyl laminate roller or wood block covered with a soft cloth.

To apply Deco Lam® to the cabinet surface you may use what you currently use to apply HPL. However, water-based adhesives are recommended because acetone-based adhesive may strip the UV coating if it comes in contact with the Deco Lam® face.

4.) Routing

Blue painters tape is recommended, to prevent scratching the Deco Lam® surface and to assist with the clean up of excess glue left on the edges before routing.

A router with a nylon bearing is suggested over a metal or bearingless router. The router bit should be clean and well lubricated.

NOTE: It is important NOT to rout the material immediately. Deco Lam® expands and contracts slightly more than traditional laminate and needs time to set.

5.) Filing and Sanding

Smooth the corners and edges of Deco Lam® using a sharp, fine file with smooth and even strokes. File away from the Deco Lam® material after removing excess material with a nylon router. DO NOT use a sawing motion pulling back against the material.

If blue painters tape is used, leave it attached to the Deco Lam® surface as a guide for easier clean up.

6.) Maintenance

Harsh, abrasive, and undiluted cleaning products may cause damage to Deco Lam® and the contact adhesive.

Pine Sol and Simple Green are cleaners that have been approved for use on Deco Lam®. A 30-1 ratio of water to cleaner is highly advised. We recommend water and a clean towel as a cleaning alternative to homeowners.

Additional Tips

Use the box Deco Lam® is packaged in as a gluing surface by cutting it open and laying it flat. 200 grit sandpaper can be used as an alternative to a file when finishing corners and edges,