What is an Anytime® Online Order Template?


The new Anytime® Online Account Management system allows customers to create and use Order Templates.

Templates save order information and make it easy to place repeat orders. There are two different ways to set up templates.

1. Without Line Items – This is our most popular template option. If you regularly order certain order combinations you can save time by creating a Template. When creating a template, enter all the necessary header information.

Here are a few instances where using a template could save time and reduce data entry errors:

- Same door style and material combination (ex. A DBQ 3/4" (816) in Wenge with a Black melamine back with an OE3 ¼” BN outside edge and special fingerpull placement)

- Same drawer box with specific options chosen (ex. Dovetail 5/8” side, ¼” bottom (613) drawer boxes with Clear Finish, 1-1/4” notching, and Salice clips installed.)

- Doors with modifications to the stile and rails size (ex. A Shaker 3/4" (831) door with 3” stiles and rails)

- Products with Special Instructions added to the header information

2. With Line Items – This template option is great for customers who repeatedly place the same orders, particularly multi-family housing and tract homes. The entire order with different products (doors, drawer boxes, hardware, molding, etc) can be saved including all sizes, quantities, and special instructions. For instance, if you have a multi-family project, you may set up each unit layout with its own template. Anytime you need to place an order for a new unit, ordering is easy and quick with just a few clicks of the mouse.