Country design

Country is a warm and embracing style that makes guests feel right at home. Whether it's the handsome flourishes of Country French, the rustic beauty of English Country, or the casual down-home cheeriness of American Country, this is a style that always makes guests feel loved and welcome.

This style, which is also sometimes referred to as Country Cottage or Country Chic, should echo the casual comfort of a farm. Charming accents, such as turn legs, patterned fabrics, decorative moldings and forged metals, abound in a Country kitchen. This look should never feel forced or pretentious.

  • Comfortable and welcoming furnishings that beckon visitors to "sit awhile".
  • Rustic accent pieces, such as mason jars or pitchers, that look as if they were lifted from a farmhouse.
  • Features natural and painted woods, stone and cheery tiles.

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