Heavy wiped glazing process


  • Glaze is wiped heavily on to both the face and back of the product.
  • The color of the paint or stain changes.
  • Glaze hangs up in the profile edges and the flat areas of the product.


This glaze process has an oil-rubbed appearance on the face and flat surfaces. In the negative spaces of the profiles the glaze hangs up heavily. The lines on this style are rugged, the color varies across the surface of the door, and the door looks a little like it’s been very well worn.


This glaze process is also able to be applied to only the face of your doors and drawer fronts. When this glaze process is applied to paints the wipe on process leaves behind visible drag marks in flat areas. This effect is the most apparent in the corners of butt-joint doors where blending is not possible. If you have selected a butt joint door and a paint finish, request to see a sample of that door in this glaze process before placing your order.

How to order

When selecting the glaze process, click “Glaze Heavy Wiped Both Sides” or “Glaze Heavy Wiped Face Only”.