Benefits of using veneer raised panels

Decore-ative Specialties is proud to offer our customers a cost effective Veneer Raised Panel Collection. This product line maintains the highest quality standards while keeping project costs low.

  • Each door style features CARBII compliant, real-wood veneer raised panel, on a composite core, surrounded by a solid hardwood frame.
  • Veneer Raised Panels offer consistent grain pattern across the panel since a sheet of real wood veneer is used compared to a traditional raised panel that uses solid lumber boards glued up into one large panel.
  • This panel option also offers reduced panel movement in climates that experience large shifts in temperature and humidity since the substrate is a composite material that is not prone to expand and contrast as much as traditional raised panels made of solid wood pieces.

These doors have the look, feel, and quality of a solid wood door while being offered at an economical price. These doors typically ship in 5 working days and are available in a variety of styles and materials.

Benefits of VRP Doors