Valencia 3/4" (81)

The sleek and simple solid panel Valencia door is the perfect choice for an attractive and clean kitchen design. It is a clean slate for showcasing the color and grain of the selected wood type. Battens supporting the back of the door help stabilize against warping or cracking.
  • Alder Natural
  • Ash Select
  • Pink Birch Select
  • White Oak Natural
  • White Oak Quarter Sawn
  • White Oak Rift
  • White Oak Select
  • Red Oak Quarter Sawn
  • Walnut Natural
  • Walnut Select
  • Red Oak Rift
  • Red Oak Rustic Knotty
  • Red Oak Select
  • Red Oak Natural
  • Pine Knotty
  • Pine Clear
  • Pecan-Hickory Rustic Knotty
  • Pecan-Hickory Natural
  • Pecan-Hickory Select
  • Soft Maple
  • Soft Maple Select
  • Maple Rustic Knotty
  • Maple Paint Grade
  • Maple Natural
  • Maple Select
  • Paint Grade Hardwood
  • Cherry Rustic Knotty
  • Cherry Natural
  • Cherry Select
  • European Steamed Beech
  • White Birch Select
  • Alder Premium Knotty
  • Alder Select
  • Alder Rustic Knotty
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Valencia 3/4"
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