Soft Maple

General Info and Benefits

Soft Maple - Acer rubrum, Acer saccharinum
Other Names: Red Maple, Silver Maple, Box Elder

General Description
• In most respects soft maple is very similar to hard maple.
• Generally the sapwood is greyish white, sometimes with darker colored pith flecks. The heartwood varies from light to dark reddish brown.
• The wood is usually straight-grained.
• The lumber is generally sold unselected for color.

Physical Properties
• Soft maple is about 25 percent less hard than hard maple, has medium bending and crushing strength, and is low in stiffness and shock resistance. It has good steam-bending properties.
• Janka Hardness Scale = 900 (higher Janka rating = harder wood)

Where It Grows
• Throughout Eastern U.S. and to a lesser extent on the West Coast (bigleaf maple). Average tree height is 60 to 80 feet.

Relative Abundance
• 4 percent of U.S. hardwoods are commercially available
• Readily available

Did You Know?
• Charcoal is often made from soft maple
  • Soft Maple Finish Grade
    Soft Maple Finish Grade
    Soft Maple Finish Grade is designed to be used when having your products finished by Decore-ative Specialties. With Finish Grade materials you will receive the material option that best suits the look you have selected, whether you choose a clear or stain finish.
  • Soft Maple
    Soft Maple
    Soft Maple has similar characteristics to our standard Maple, though the color may be more honey-toned than white. It may also have some light pink and/or gray mixed in as well. Soft maple shows a greater amount of mineral streaking, and generally will have "fleck" in the grain as well.
  • Soft Maple Promo
    Soft Maple Promo
    A popular material for use with Drawer Boxes, Promotional Soft Maple has similar characteristics to standard Soft Maple. Color variation, mineral streaking, pin knots, heart wood and worm track are all acceptable for this material. Promotional material is available while supplies last from our Southern CA facility.