Augustine 3/4" (389)

An extra wide frame and impressively intricate applied molding give the Augustine door style a unique and beautiful look. The simple recessed panel and outside edge detail add to the elegance of the door and will showcase the beauty of the wood.
  • MDF Panel / Paintable Hardwood Frame
  • Paintable Veneer Panel / Paintable Hardwood Frame
  • Alder Select
  • Alder Natural
  • European Steamed Beech
  • White Birch Select
  • Cherry Select
  • Cherry Natural
  • Maple Select
  • Maple Natural
  • MDF Panel / Maple Paint Grade Frame
  • Pecan-Hickory Select
  • Pecan-Hickory Natural
  • Red Oak Select
  • Red Oak Natural
  • Red Oak Rift
  • Red Oak Quarter Sawn
  • Sapele Ribbon Grain Mahogany
  • Walnut Select
  • Walnut Natural
  • White Oak Natural
  • White Oak Select
  • White Oak Rift
  • White Oak Quarter Sawn


Augustine 3/4"
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