Mahogany Honduras

  • Mahogany Honduras
    Revere 3/4" (800) in Honduras Mahogany

General Info and Benefits

Honduras Mahogany - Swietenia macrophylla
Also called "Genuine Mahogany"

General Description
• Flat grain pattern look with a fine even texture
• Relatively free of voids and pockets
• Heartwood color varies from a pale pinkish brown to a darker reddish brown
• Color tends to darken with age

Physical Properties
• Janka Rating System = 800 (higher Janka rating = harder wood)

Where It Grows
• Native to Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Guiana, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Venezuela
• Planted in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Fiji, Philippines
• Grows to 150 feet tall with a 6 foot trunk diameter

Relative Abundance
• Has been widely exploited which led to its inclusion on the CITES Appendix II in 2003
• In effect, this limits the international exporting of the lumber to certified sustainable sources
• Supply of the wood is still available
• Over exploitation and restrictions drive the pricing. Pricing will be slightly higher than other similar species but material is available.
• Due to the availability and the pricing, some opt for ordering African Mahogany in place of Honduras Mahogany

Did You Know?
• Chris Craft wooden boats were built from mahogany until the early 1960s
  • Honduras Mahogany
    Honduras Mahogany
    Honduras Mahogany will vary from a light reddish to dark red in color and offers a flat sawn pattern look.There is an allowance for some pin knots and mineral streaks.
  • Honduras Mahogany Finish Grade
    Honduras Mahogany Finish Grade
    Honduras Mahogany Finish Grade is designed to be used when having your products finished by Decore-ative Specialties. With Finish Grade materials you will receive the material option that best suits the look you have selected, whether you choose a natural, stain, shader, or paint finish. As a result, the amount of natural color or grain may vary depending on the selected finish.