Birch 9-Ply

General Info and Benefits

Birch 9-Ply Plywood

General Description
• 12mm = ½” seven core plies with birch exterior veneer.
• Metric panels are in mm thickness

Physical Properties
• A very attractive panel with minimal defects
• 9 hardwood ply product is very dense, stiff, and flat
• Janka Hardness Scale =1260 (higher Janka rating = harder wood)

Where It Grows
• Made from a veneer that comes from a birch species common to Russia and Finland

• Readily available

Did You Know?
• Original products came from Russia during the Cold War
• Known as Baltic Birch, were made in square (approx. 60”), metric sized panels
• Now similar products are made under other brand names worldwide

  • Birch 9-Ply (Prefinished)
    Birch 9-Ply (Prefinished)
    A cost effective, yet durable option, Prefinished 9-Ply Baltic Birch displays light color tones and little grain variation. It can be used for drawer boxes with both doweled and dovetail construction. The material is finished with a durable clear top coat finish prior to drawer box manufacturing.