Cayenne with Tierra Glaze

  • Type:Stain with Glaze
  • Category:Choice

Medium brown with deep red overtones, the Tierra Glaze adds extra depth and coverage of the grain.

If your species of choice is not shown with the selected finish option, please contact our Customer Service team to inquire about your desired combination.

Edgeband matches for Cayenne w/ Tierra Glaze:
The manufacturer and color number for each match is shown below.

• For Alder, use: ESI 4283
• For Maple, use: ESI 3959
• For Cherry, use: ESI 4388R3

Obtaining a sample to ensure a proper match for your application is recommended.

Cayenne / Tierra on Alder

Cayenne / Tierra on Alder

Cayenne / Tierra on Alder