3D profile for Sheldon 7/8" door.

3D profile for Sheldon 7/8" door.

Sheldon 7/8" Drawer Front (838D)

  • Minimum Width: 5.5"
  • Maximum Width: 33"
  • Minimum Height: 3.5"
  • Maximum Height: 13"
  • Thickness Of Door: 0.875"
  • Center Rail at: 196.8504"

A1: If one minimum is used, add 2" to the other.

B5: If changes to type or placement of grooves is wanted, call for availability and pricing.

C1: Maximum can be exceeded with No Guarantee and possible option charge.

I2: Requires additional delivery time.

G3: Beaded panel grooves are 2" apart.

S4: Beaded grooves come on or off center depending on the width of the door.

Y4: Absolute maximum door width with no center stile is 32-1/2", no guarantee.

H9: Below minimum size W" x H" order as a 5-Piece drawer front.

Solid Drawer Front does not come with beaded outside face edge. For beaded outside face edge order Solid DF with OE11 outside edge.