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What Does Pay Invoices Using ClearPay/ACH mean?

The Pay Invoices feature is an option which allows Decore-ative Specialties Customers to place payment requests online for selected invoices using ClearPay (ACH transfer).

There are two requirements to pay invoices online:

  1. Complete and return a ClearPay/ACH form, with a voided check.
  2. You must have Open Account Credit Terms.

Is Pay Invoices Required?

No, it is not required. You only need to check the Pay Invoices box if you wish to pay your invoices online and meet the requirements listed above.

What Is ClearPay/ACH?

Also known as an ACH transfer, ClearPay is a secure method of payment that allows Decore-ative Specialties to automatically deduct an invoiced amount from your checking account on file using EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).

Getting Started With ClearPay/ACH

To use ClearPay/ACH, we must have your completed ClearPay/ACH form on file along with a voided check. Once completed please fax form to the Decore-ative Specialties secure FAX (626) 254-6799.

Download ClearPay/ACH Form

Contact Information

Questions or concerns about paying invoices online? Please contact our Credit Department for more information.

East Coast Customers: 1-800-729-7255 ext. 6841

West Coast and Central US Customers: 1-800-729-7255 ext. 6636

Southern CA Customers: 1-800-729-7255 ext. 6689