True Louver Doors

True Louver doors offer horizontal, fixed slats allowing air and light to pass through to provide ventilation, making them both beautiful and functional.

Available in a variety of door style frames, materials, and finishes through our Technical Services Dept.

Slats are 3/4" wide x 1/4" thick, spaced 3/16" apart, and do not move.  Slats are placed 1/8" from the face of the frame and "open".  

If you want the look of louver doors but don't need the functionality, you can select on of our unventilated louver looks: Talbot (113), Cabrillo (115), Easton (114), and Laredo (930).

Product Shown: True Louver Door to match Shaker (831) frame in Alder Select with Clear finish.

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