Tesoro 3/4" (357)

With classic square details and a deep textured surface the Tesoro 3/4" (357) is a five piece door that really stands out. The Tesoro frame is made from highly durable Thermally Fused Laminate (melamine) with a particle board core and a textured 1/4” plywood panel. The Tesoro is available in five unique design patterns: Noce Daniella, Oregon Pine, Carbone, Makasaro and Palissandro. Use the Tesoro door and matching TSS board with your Streamline cabinets for a beautifully matched installation.
  • Adirondack Ash
  • Blackwater Hickory
  • Boone Trail Hickory
  • Ebony Makassar
  • Green Ridge Ash
  • Hoosier Oak
  • Manchester Elm
  • Marion Elm
  • Piedmont Oak
  • Red River Elm
  • Rothrock Elm
  • Sumter Oak
  • Superior Spruce
  • Twain Oak
  • Victory Spruce
  • White Mountain Hickory
  • TSS Carbone
  • TSS Makassaro
  • TSS Noce Daniella
  • TSS Oregon Pine
  • TSS Palissandro

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