Donatello 7/8" (372)

<strong style="color:#b91531;">This style will be discontinued 9/1/2022 as we update our Expressions program. Please choose from one of the following styles after that time: Harrison (272), Chelsea (186), Rosa (271), Bryant (187), and Turner (183).</strong><br /><br /> A beautifully detailed frame with mitered corners make the Donatello door a great choice for anything from a country kitchen to a refined office space. With exceptional style and charm and a variety of color and glaze options, this Expressions® door will complement even the most refined decor.
  • Honey Apple
  • Summer Flame
  • Light Italian Walnut
  • Dark Italian Walnut
  • Glazed Dark Italian Walnut
  • Glazed Honey Apple
  • Glazed Summer Flame
  • Glazed Light Italian Walnut
  • Bisque
  • Glazed Bisque

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Donatello 7/8"