Applied Molding

Popular in more detailed design styles like Country and Estate, applied moldings elevate the look of a standard 5-Piece door while also providing an excellent canvas for glazed finishes. Available on both butt joint and miter joint wood doors, applied molding pieces are securely attached to the front of the doors and 5-Piece drawer fronts. Door styles with rope moldings are also available for a perfectly embellished look. While most applied molding styles are offered in our Wood product line we also have several door styles available in our Expressions® and Deco-Form® product lines to meet the design needs of all Decore-ative Specialties customers.

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  • Bel Air 3/4" (581) Kitchen with OE2 - 10017
  • Chesapeake 3/4" (586) Kitchen - 10142
  • Special Applied Molding Door Kitchen - 10178