Tuscany 3/4" (590) Kitchen in Maple - 10136

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The Tuscany 3/4" (590) Door and a beautiful custom finish make this a truly magnificent space.

Door Style: Tuscany 3/4" (590) with OE1

Material: Maple Select

Wall Cabinets

Finish 1: Clear Finish with Tierra Heavy Wiped Glaze on Maple Finish Grade can achieve a similar look. A match to this finish is commonly requested so indicate on your order that you want to match this kitchen's finish to get the closest match.

This home also features a Tuscany 3/4" Glass Door (590G) with OE1.

Island Cabinets

Finish 2: Licorice WBF can achieve a similar look

Drawer Fronts: Tuscany 3/4" 5-Piece Drawer Fronts (590P) with OE1 and Tuscany 3/4" Solid Drawer Fronts (590D) with OE1 were used

Post Traditional A (8256) and Smooth Knob (7173) could be used for a similar look.

A 1/4" Bead Face Frame (FE-7) could be used or the OE11 beaded edge could be applied to the doors to achieve a similar look.

The indicated product is recommended to achieve a similar look but was not used in the gallery shown.