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Shaker Variations and Options

Turn the page of any home design magazine or spend time on and you will inevitably find a shaker style door.  This style has seen a significant increase in popularity in the past couple years. It is a diverse door style that can be used across several different design aesthetics, making it an excellent choice for many homeowners.  So if your customer decided on a shaker look, there are some options to consider depending on the chosen substrate.  We offer the classic shaker look in wood, Deco-form 3D laminate (RTF), and MDF ready-to-paint product lines.  Additional options are available if your customer is looking for a wider frame, a little detail on the inside edge, or a beefed up solid panel instead of a ¼” plywood panel for wood doors.  Below are some of our popular items, divided by product line. 


Shaker 831Shaker (831)

Solid ¾” frame,
¼” plywood panel

Durango (834)

Solid ¾” frame,
½” solid panel

Shaker CampbellCampbell (385)

Solid ¾” frame,
¼” plywood panel,
step inside edge detail

Sullivan (386)

Solid ¾” frame,
⅜” solid panel,
step inside edge detail

Shaker Studio (351)Studio (351)

Solid ¾” frame,
¼” plywood panel, wide 4” frame with grooves in joints

Parker (352)

Solid ¾” frame,
⅜” solid panel, wide 4” frame with grooves in joints

Shaker Camden (836)Camden (836)

Solid ¾” frame,
beaded ½” solid panel

With wood door styles, the options for customization are almost endless.

  • Change Inside Edge Detail to IE6 for a ¼” bevel
  • Increase the stiles and rails to 2-1/2”, 3”, or any frame size that fits your needs
  • Add an outside edge detail to any of our dozens of options, like the OE2, OE3, or OE488 for a bullnose to soften the edge or an OE9 for a ¼” bevel on the outside.

Deco-form and MDF for Painting

Shaker DRS131DRS131 (131)

¾” thick door with near 90 degree angle inside edges

Shaker MRS231MRS231 (231)

MDF version of DRS131 for painting (shown with dark grey paint)

Shaker DR1DR1 (112)

¾” thick door with bevel inside edge

Shaker MR1MR1 (122)

MDF version of DR1 for painting (shown with light grey paint)

Whether the style is Craftsman, Contemporary, or Transitional these shaker style doors can help achieve your desired design aesthetic with ease.

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