Customer FIRST

In 1965, our parents' started “Decore Door” and began producing some of the first ever custom cabinet doors in California. Whether it was the hollow core, back panel, or Revere ¾” raised panel door, their focus was on the customer first by providing the best possible quality, lead time, and service.

Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement

During the past several years, Decore-ative Specialties has continued their legacy by adopting the principles of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement. Every department in our company has been involved in this journey as we continue to identify new and better ways to serve our customers.

Ordering Our Custom Cabinet Components

Each customer is unique and has a different purpose for ordering our custom cabinet components. Therefore, it is essential we consider all variables when striving to meet his or her needs. By focusing on the needs of each customer first, we are confident they will be in the best possible position for success.

Submitted By: Jack Lansford, Jr. on 02/12/2013
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Jack Lansford, Jr. Named one of Market Leaders
Jack Lansford, Jr. Named one of Market Leaders

A key figure in the success of Decore-ative Specialties has been the leadership of Jack Lansford, Jr. in the expansion of its products and capabilities, which in turn has influenced the custom cabinet market.



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    We recently released our newest wood catalog and pricing guide! Combined with artistic photography and industrial design, our wood catalog provides over 200 pages of the most comprehensive product offering in the custom cabinet components industry.

  • WMIA 2016 Innovator of the Year

    Decore-ative Specialties’ use of a custom CNC shaper sander has significantly increased capacity and improved production in its cabinet door making process.