Firecracker 5K - Los Angeles CA

On February 24, 2013, several Decore-ative Specialties employees and their family members participated in the 35th Annual Firecracker 5k Walk/Run in downtown Los Angeles. The event was hosted by “The Los Angeles Chinatown Firecracker Run Committee (LACFRC),” a non-profit organization focused on raising awareness and funds for their local elementary schools and community organizations. In support of the event, the Decore-ative Specialties participants dressed in matching company t-shirts. For more information, visit

Firecracker 5K Los Angeles, CA

Healthy Living

In an effort to support healthy living, the Decore-ative Specialties’ Human Resources Department recently provided free pedometers to any employee desiring to track their “number of steps” walked each day. For those choosing to participate, the goal is to walk 10,000 steps per day (approximately 5 miles)! The Firecracker 5k Walk/Run provided several employees with the opportunity to start out their healthy living initiative with a “bang!”

Firecracker 5K Los Angeles, CA

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