General Info and Benefits

Grenada is a medium to dark grey woodgrain with some cathedral and wood variations for a realistic look. It is in the woodgrain Deco-form family.

Our Deco-form Rigid Thermal Foils (RTF) doors are seamlessly constructed with a durable, warp resistant composite core of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). They won't twist, crack or peel and no finishing is needed, which saves time and money. Deco-form doors are also dent resistant and easy to clean with a simple soap and water solution.

Made of approximately 90% wood fibers and 10% resin to hold it all together, MDF maximizes the use of our forest resources by utilizing the residual wood element of forests not used in producing lumber, that could have otherwise ended up in landfills.

Location Availability Notes: I = Irwindale, California, M = Monroe, North Carolina. Subject to change without notice. Please verify before placing your order.

Deco Lam®

  • Grenada Deco Lam® - I,M (Perfect Match)

Matching Melamines

Matching Laminates

  • Arborite Grenada T-499 (Unverified Match)

Matching Edgeband

  • ESI Edgeband 8675 (Close Match)
  • ESI Edgeband 822R Grenada (Unverified Match)
  • ESI Edgeband 3245R1 Lausanne E - not close (Acceptable Match)
  • Rehau Edgeband CP60211 (Unverified Match)
  • Rehau Edgeband Grenada CP40414 (Unverified Match)
  • Teknaform Edgebanding 8496 (Very Good Match)
  • Doellken Edgeband 3822R Grenada (Unverified Match)
  • Duraedge Edgeband Grenada 1237T (Unverified Match)
  • Canplast Edgeband 55568 (Unverified Match)

Matching Melamine Back Available

  • Zambukka Match Back - I,M (Acceptable Match)

Deco-Form® Material Availability

  • Grenada Foil Availability - I,M (Perfect Match)

Deco-Form® Molding Availability

  • Grenada Moldings - I,M (Perfect Match)

Touch Up Item Availability

  • Grenada Fill Stick 999342 - I,M (Very Good Match)
  • Grenada Edge Pen 7390 - I,M (Very Good Match)

Matching Touch Up Items