3D profile for Presidente 7/8" door.

3D profile for Presidente 7/8" door.

Presidente 7/8" Glass Door (535G)

  • Minimum Width: 14"
  • Maximum Width: 27.75"
  • Minimum Height: 11"
  • Maximum Height: 72"
  • Thickness Of Door: 0.875"
  • Center Rail at: 65.9843"

B1: If one minimum is used, add 4" to the other.

C1: Maximum can be exceeded with No Guarantee and possible option charge.

E1: Center rail required at 48" and above.

N1: Center rail required on glass doors at 66" and above.

E2: Arched rail height at side of rail is 5".

I2: Requires additional delivery time.

H4: Center rail is not arched.

Z4: Between Cut Down Min. and Min. Size W" x H", additional small stile/rail charge applies. Same cost as 5-Piece drawer front charge.

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