Panel, Stock, Fillers Cabinet

Streamline® Components program Panel, Stock, and Filler parts provides the flexibility you need to create custom cabinetry to fit every space.

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  • Birch Import Prefinished
  • Birch Import Unfinished
  • Maple Prefinished Plywood
  • Maple Plywood Unfinished
  • White Melamine 2S
  • Maple Melamine
  • Folkstone/Fashion Grey Melamine PB

    Name: Panel, Stock, Fillers
    “Ready-to-Assemble” frameless components.
    3/4” thick cabinet materials. 1/4” thick full backs.
    Blind mortise and tenon construction.
    Cabinets include 3/4” thick installation nailers mortised into cabinet sides.
    High quality accurately sized CNC machined component parts.
    Use our recommended door size list provided with your design.

S24: Assembly hardware included for each cabinet.

S25: Box assembly screws.

S26: Euro screws for drawer slides.

S27: Sink corner blocks, adjustable shelf pins and extra edgebanding included.