Finishes Touch Up Kit

A great way to keep products with our Finishes looking new, a Touch Up Kit can help with repairing minor nicks and scratches on existing cabinetry. The kit consists a Fil-Stik (used to cover nicks, chips, or scratches) and Ultra Mark pen (used to cover minor scratches).
  • Name: Finishes Touch Up Kit
  • Kit includes Fil-Stik™ and Ultra-Mark edge pen.

    Paint Colors:
    We are in the process of matching our new paint colors with touch up items.
    For now, we have these suggestions for the top selling white paint colors that match to touch up kits from our old paint program.
    White Sher-Wood Base – Use Part 999129
    Extra White SW 7006 – Use Part 999130
    Pure White SW 7005 – Use Part 999139
    Creamy SW 7012 – Use Part 999134

    Stain Colors:
    Amber – Use Part 999128
    Coal – Use Part 999131
    Copper – Use Part 999132
    Limestone – Use Part 999147
    Onyx – Use Part 999148
    Pumice – Use Part 999143
    Ruby – Use Part 999136
    Smokey Quartz – Use Part 999138
    Tigers Eye – Use Part 999144
    Topaz – Use Part 999145