FSC Alder

General Info and Benefits

FSC Alder - Alnus rubra

General Description
• A relative of birch
• Almost white when freshly cut but dries to light brown with yellow or reddish tones
• Known for fairly straight grain with uniform texture
• Large clear boards are not easily found

Physical Properties
• A relatively soft hardwood of medium density that has low impact resistance and stiffness
• Janka Rating System = 590

Where It Grows
• The Pacific Northwest from southeast Alaska to central coastal California
• Nearly always found within 125 miles of the Pacific coast
• The most abundant commercial hardwood of the region
• Average height is 90 feet

Relative Abundance
• 2.9 percent of total U.S. hardwoods commercially available

Did You Know?
• The wood of preference for smoking salmon
• Fender Stratocaster & Telecaster guitar bodies made of alder since the 50s
• Knotty alder is a northwest favorite grade
• When stained, it blends with walnut, mahogany or cherry, earning its nickname “the great imitator”

FSC chain-of-custody paperwork is provided.
  • FSC Alder Natural
    FSC Alder Natural
    FSC Alder Natural will have an allowance for color and grain variation in addition to most natural material characteristics. The material may contain small closed knots, pin knots and mineral streaking as well. FSC chain-of-custody paperwork is provided.