FSC African Mahogany

General Info and Benefits

FSC African Mahogany - Khaya ivorensis

General Description
• Heartwood is shades of pinkish red, darkening to reddish brown with exposure
• Sapwood is a creamy or yellowish white
• Grain usually interlocked, and dark grooves appear when cut longitudinally
• Used where a good quality, medium weight hardwood is needed

Physical Properties
• Janka Rating System = 2200 (higher Janka rating = harder wood)

Where It Grows
• Tropical Africa and Madagascar

Relative Abundance
• Found in all the timber producing areas of West Africa from Ivory Coast to Gabon and Cabinda. Primarily it is found in the Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Nigeria. Unlike other Khaya species which do not require much rainfall, it is reported to grow in the rain forest in low-lying areas within its range.
• More abundant than “genuine” mahogany

Did You Know?
• A genus of seven species of trees in the mahogany family Meliaceae. All species become big trees 100 -115 feet tall, rarely 145 feet, with a trunk over 40 inches in diameter, often buttressed at the base.

FSC chain-of-custody paperwork is provided.
  • FSC African Mahogany
    FSC African Mahogany
    FSC African Mahogany is flat sawn, which gives it a moderately straight grain pattern. This material can vary from a light brown to deep reddish brown color. FSC chain-of-custody paperwork is provided.