FSC Additional Species

General Info and Benefits

Decore-ative Specialties can offer nearly any FSC certified material available in the market. If the species you are interested in is not listed please contact your local Sales Representative or our Customer Service Department to discuss your project needs.

One Additional Species we offer is FSC Eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus grandis

Did You Know?
• Features a grain similar to mahogany
• Largely marketed as a viable alternative to mahogany
• Comes from non-tropical trees that may be harvested within 14 to 16 years of planting

General Description
• Coloration varies from a light salmon to a deeper red
• With exposure to UV light, the pigments darken slightly
• Has mechanical properties similar to many hardwoods
• As far as hardness it is most often compared to maple
• It is a closed-grain wood, and is harder than oak
• The high hardness and closed grain structure make it very useful for cabinetry, millwork and flooring

Working Properties
• Its density and closed, uniform grain structure lends well to both milling and machining
• Doesn't produce the "fuzzy" raised grain when sawed that mahogany frequently does
• Unlike maple, it doesn't have spots of knurled grain that create tear out

FSC chain-of-custody paperwork is provided.
  • FSC Eucalyptus
    FSC Eucalyptus
    FSC Eucayptus has a grain pattern similar to Mahogany and varies from light pink to dark red in color. FSC chain-of-custody paperwork is provided.